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May 6, 2017 Coalition Meeting

Sept 10, 2016 Coalition Meeting

May 6, 2017 Coalition Meeting


A standing room only crowd gathered for the May 6 meeting of the LGBT Coalition on Aging. The Goals and Objectives that had been developed by the Steering Committee since our last meeting were presented for discussion and approval.

Our Purpose:

Improving the condition of the LGBT aging community through advocacy, education and programs/services


Richard Bondi presented our first goal:


GOAL # 1: Strengthen Our Community

Create a coordinated LGBT community addressing aging issues that provides opportunities to congregate, exercise political power and create a geographic center


  • Coalition reflects the diversity of the community
  • Provide representation on City Boards, Commissions and Committees
  • Assist in development of community center


  1. Recruit female and minority seniors
  2. Secure positions on relevant boards and commissions – a seat at the table
  3. Work with Pride Foundation on community center and provide senior programming ideas
  4. Organize periodic Coalition social gatherings to demonstrate the feasibility and the need for senior programming in a future community center and to help build support for the community center


The Coalition approved the goal and added the following Objective:

  • Increase recognition of the Coalition and its purpose

And proposed additional strategies:

  1. Organize a PRIDE event/presence for older participants to increase visibility and establish a more involved role for seniors in the LGBT community
  2. Create identification for the Coalition for participation in the June Equality March and in PRIDE events
  3. Conduct intergenerational events


Toby Johnson presented out goal for achieving LGBT friendly services:


GOAL #2: LGBT Sensitive Services

Agencies providing aging services that are sensitive to the LGBT concerns in outreach and service delivery


  • Identify the unique aging needs/concerns of LGBT people
  • Identify gaps in existing services and what should be done to fill them
  • Survey Austin assisted living/nursing facilities on their LGBT awareness/sensitivity


  1. Develop and deliver a survey of providers starting with living facilities
  2. Explore options for providing LGBT sensitivity training
  3. Address identified lack of support group for HIV+ people over 50


The Coalition approved the goals and objectives and suggested additional strategies:

  1. Gain buy-in from the State Health Department executive committee prior to doing the survey
  2. Reach out to home health providers in addition to surveying living facilities
  3. Include policies (eg. inclusive language, outreach) when doing the survey
  4. Identify champions with agencies providing services
  5. Utilize the one hour SAGE training as a lead-in to providing training
  6. Contact the LGBT groups with the City/County Health and Human Services Department for assistance, information on past efforts
  7. Provide speakers for provider groups


Kathy Bentz presented the recommendation from the Steering Committee on the addition of a third goal on Housing Alternatives. The Coalition approved forming a committee to develop recommendation on this goal along with specific objectives and suggested strategies.


Finally, Fred Lugo presented a recommendation from the Steering Committee that the Coalition should develop an organization framework to include by laws, a definition of the functions of the Coalition and the Steering Committee, and basic processes such as how we receive and spend funds. The Coalition also approved forming a committee to develop recommendations on organization.


At the conclusion of the May 6 meeting there was a short survey.   The members present overwhelming supported quarterly meetings of the Coalition as opposed to twice a year; twenty-one of those present indicated that they would likely attend social events sponsored by the Coalition and twenty indicated that they would likely participate in senior living facilities tours set up by the Coalition to increase awareness of the LGBT senior community.


Volunteer Opportunities


The following committees were organized at the May 6 Coalition meeting. If you are interested in getting involved, contact the chairs listed:

Community: Richard Bondi at rbondi@earthlink.net

Services: Toby Johnson at tobyjohnso@aol.com

Organization: Fred Lugo at fredlugo1@gmail.com


LGBT Aging Coalition meeting September 10, 2016


  1. Report from the Organization Subgroup

Proposed mission for the coalition:

Improve the condition of the LGBT aging community through advocacy, education and programs/services.

Proposed structure: Coalition



  1. Project Identification



  1. Confirm/amend list of issues
  2. Prioritize to identify which issues the coalition wants to address first
  3. Identify potential project(s) for the coalition to implement that addresses priority issue(s)



  • appropriate housing in a supportive setting for people with financial security
  • appropriate housing in a supportive setting for people with fewer resources, particularly with Austin’s rising property values and cost of living
  • the perception by many that assisted living facilities are not accepting of an openly out lifestyle
  • agencies providing aging services may not be sensitive to LGBT concerns in their outreach and service delivery
  • the increased likelihood that LGBT elders will be isolated with the resulting negative impacts
  • no organized LGBT community – no opportunity to congregate, no communication channels no political power no geographic center
  • previous experience with medical professionals, particularly with the AIDS crisis, has resulted for some in a lack of trust, fear of disclosure and other barriers to getting medical care


Criteria to consider when prioritizing issues:

Degree of impact




Level of need

Level of gap to meet need

Existing resources available


Visibility of project

Credibility potential of project


Multi-voting prioritization results:

Housing w/ means 3

Housing w/ limited means 12

Assisted living not accepting 18

Agencies’ outreach and programs 58*

Isolation/inclusion 11

No centralized community 96*

Barriers to accessing medical care 2


* Selected as first issues for coalition to address



  1. Executive Committee formed

Gary, Barry, Richard, Charles (secretary), Lynne (co-chair), Robert (co-chair), Fred, Toby

  1. EC will meet to scope a project(s) that addresses priority Issues and propose to full group at a subsequent meeting.
  2. All coalition members will attempt to recruit others to participate with the goal of increasing the diversity of the coalition


Potential tasks to be included in the project plan:

  • Publicize the existence and mission of the coalition
  • Identify a single person to speak for the coalition
  • Identify a chairperson or chairpersons
  • Have a coalition member serve on the Austin Up board
  • Present to the City Commission on Seniors
  • Host or table at an event
  • Develop a structure for internal communications
  • Reach out to younger LGBT community
  • Seek input from community and coalition members