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October 21, 2021  Steering Committee

Next meeting will be:
Thursday, October 21, 2021, 3pm

Pls note, the time has been changed by one hour later to avoid a schedule conflict

The Quality of Life Study Town Hall takes place that same afternoon 12-1. See the Special Announcement below for info about attending the Town Hall Mtg.

Likewise, the time of the November Annual General Meeting to be announced in the October Newsletter will also be delayed one hour til 3pm on November 18.


We will likely be meeting virtually.

The Austin LGBT Coalition on Aging Steering Committee Meetings are open to all. Members of the Coalition and ALL recipients of this email announcement are invited—and urged—to attend.
To continue the work of the Coalition, public participation is needed.

Please RSVP so we will expect you and know to admit you to the zoom room

Email for more information or to RSVP

You’re Invited

Here’s the link to the meeting:

LGBT Steering Committee Meeting on Teams



Steering Committee Membership

      Membership is open to all regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, or gender identification.  The Steering Committee meets monthly, almost always less than two hours.  Currently those meetings are held virtually so there is no time spent in traffic.  It’s a great opportunity to be more involved in the direction of the Coalition and get better acquainted with folks like yourself who are interested in improving the lives of LGBT seniors in Austin 

If you would like to have more information about serving on the Steering Committee, please contact us at


Who We Are

The ALGBTCOA is a coalition of community activists, service agencies, LGBTQ organizations, and interested parties who have come together to improve the future for LGBT older adults as we naturally age. The Coalition hopes to encourage service providers and senior services to understand and train their staffs regarding the needs of LGBT clients, residents, and patients. The Coalition was formed to address the question: “What are the LGBT friendly services in Austin?” We would like to make all of them LGBT-friendly. Read about the goals of the Coalition


City of Austin LGBTQ Quality of Life Study

Click here to download the Quality of Life Survey Findings from our website

Click here to download the full Report, titled Priorities for Action, from our website


Here is a live link you can click on





The “Golden Generation” is a group for 60+ LGBTQ seniors and their partners/allies that has been meeting virtually on a weekly basis during the pandemic.  The group is planning to resume in person twice-a-week sessions some time when Health Department guideline say it is safe.  In the meantime, all are welcome to join the virtual get togethers. If you are interested in participating send an email to and look for instructions by email the first of each week.

More information on the “Golden Generation” is available on our website under the Senior Resources>Austin Resources>Senior Services tab.  The website will also be updated with the dates and times for in person meetings if and when that information is available.  


Benchmark Research is a member of the Austin LGBT Coalition on Aging

Volunteer for a clinical research study and make a difference

The national organization for older LGBTQ+ concerns is SAGE. SAGE has issued a resource guide for 2020-2021. The list is included in our Special Announcements page.



New York Times article on how Vaccination data on LGBTQ+ people is not being kept.

Mitigating Isolation of People Aging With HIV
During the COVID-19 Pandemic

QWELL’s 2nd annual “LGBTQIA+ Wellbeing Survey of Greater Austin” is live now at Please take the survey and get yourself counted.


What the Coalition did last year:

LGBT Coalition on Aging
Annual Report 2020

HIV and Aging

The Coalition, under the leadership of Barry Waller, has been instrumental in organizing a series of virtual meetings featuring an ASO and a Senior Service Provider. This forum helps providers in both AIDS services and Senior services to get to know what is provided by these services in order to better serve those with HIV who may also need services from Senior services providers.  This was a critical need identified in the original Coalition meeting to address the aging HIV+ population.


The Austin LGBT Coalition on Aging has established a working relationship with the Coalition for Aging LGBT of North Texas. They successfully developed a methodology for evaluating and reporting on LGBT-friendly attributes of senior housing facilities in their area and published a “LGBT-Friendly Senior Housing Guide” (copy on our website).

We are currently exploring a task force to review their evaluation matrix for sensitivity to intersectional issues with race and sexual orientation/gender identity as well as a partnership with a local nonprofit to complete a similar report in Austin.


City of Austin LGBTQ Quality of Life Commission

The Commission has primarily been focused this year on a Quality of Life Study.  The contract for that study was awarded to a consulting firm this spring with funding provided by City Council.  The consultants formed a Research Advisory Board made up of volunteer applicants from the community and identified partner organizations to assist with outreach (including AustinUp, the Coalition’s sponsoring organization). The schedule for the study includes two Town Halls to be conducted in December as well as a survey which is scheduled for Jan/Feb 2021.  Charles Curry, a Coalition member, is a senior representative on the Quality of Life Commission.

City of Austin Age-Friendly Plan

The Age-Friendly Plan is divided up into different domains reflecting the various aspects of senior living.  This year the Transportation Domain was focused primarily on the mobility bond election issue and what projects would be included.  The Social Participation and Outdoor Spaces Domains had several staff briefings from the Parks and Library departments on the provision of services within the restrictions necessary because of the pandemic.  The Library Department is sponsoring a number of book clubs including one for LGBTQ literature (information is available on the Library website). The Community Support and Health Services Domain was focused on issues concerning nursing homes during the COVID-19 pandemic, including reporting.  All of the Domain working groups were involved with discussions on budget recommendations.

Coalition members Barry Waller, Charles Curry and Fred Lugo participate with the Domain working groups.  Fred Lugo is also a member of the Commission on Seniors

Organizational Infrastructure

The Coalition Steering Committee is currently completing application for incorporation with the assistance of the North Texas Coalition.