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Steering Committee Meetings
re held on the 3rd Thursday of the month

The COA Steering Committee Next meeting will be:
Thursday, October 20, 2022, 2pm

This will also be the 2022 Annual General Membership Meeting

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elections, bylaw changes, Sponsorships and the future of the Coalition


We will  be meeting virtually.

The Austin LGBT Coalition on Aging Steering Committee Meetings are open to all. Members of the Coalition and ALL recipients of this email announcement are invited—and urged—to attend.
To continue the work of the Coalition, public participation is needed.

Please RSVP so we will expect you and know to admit you to the zoom room

Email for more information or to RSVP

You’re Invited

Here’s the link to the meeting:

LGBT Steering Committee Meeting



Here is the agenda for the last meeting

AGBTCOA Steering Committee

Thursday, August 18, 2022 2pm

  1. Introduction of guests (5 min, chair)
  2. Call to Order, roll call and designate timekeeper, minutes responsibility (5 min, chair)
  3. Additions to the agenda (5 min, chair)
  4. Approval of minutes (5 min, Faith?)
  5. Treasurer’s Report (10 min, Toby)
  6. Report from Pride planning committee (15 minutes, Richard, Evan, Faith)
  7. Annual Business meeting items: 30 minutes, Charles)
    1. Adopt recommendation on annual dues
    2. Nomination of officers
    3. Nomination of SC members
    4. Proposed bylaw changes
  8. Motion to adopt fee schedule for sponsorships (postponed from July 15, 10 minutes, Richard))
  9. Update on safe and affordable housing issue:
    1. Qwell plans (postponed from July, Richard)
  • Discussion and possible action on financial support for Embrace (postponed from July, 5 min)
  • Facebook, Instagram accounts (continued from July,5 minutes, Richard)
  • Discussion of LGBTQ training/Will Teal (postpone to Sep meeting)
  • Round Robin discussion (all)
    1. Reminder of event scheduled for this evening at Yarborough Branch library 5pm

As a reminder we have set Thursday, Oct 20 as the date for our annual business meeting. There are requirements in the bylaws for 30 day advance notice to the membership of the date, time, location, etc of the annual meeting. The SC is also responsible for nominating officers and those nominations must be included in the 30 day notice as well as any proposed bylaw changes.



Steering Committee Membership

Membership is open to all regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, or gender identification. The Steering Committee meets monthly, almost always less than two hours.  Currently those meetings are held virtually so there is no time spent in traffic. It’s a great opportunity to be more involved in the direction of the Coalition and get better acquainted with folks like yourself who are interested in improving the lives of LGBT seniors in Austin.

If you would like to have more information about serving on the Steering Committee, please contact us at


Who We Are

The ALGBTCOA is a coalition of community activists, service agencies, LGBTQ organizations, and interested parties who have come together to improve the future for LGBT older adults as we naturally age. The Coalition hopes to encourage service providers and senior services to understand and train their staffs regarding the needs of LGBT clients, residents, and patients. The Coalition was formed to address the question: “What are the LGBT friendly services in Austin?” We would like to make all of them LGBT-friendly. Read about the goals of the Coalition





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The Helper Bees provided a spot for the Austin LGBT Coalition on Aging in this year’s Austin PRIDE Parade.




In addition to Helper Bees and the Coalition, the following groups were invited to join: Alzheimer’s Association Capital of Texas, AARP, AGE of Central Texas, Area Agency on Aging/Aging & Disability Resource Center, Golden Generation, Austin Prime Timers, and Rainbow Connections ATX.


An Opportunity from AustinUp

Provide Feedback | Make a Difference | Earn $150!

Would you like to make a difference in products and services for older adults? A virtual 90-minute focus group event will be held in mid-October, and attendees earn $150 for their participation. If these apply to you …

  • age 65 or older
  • household income of $75K-$125K
  • you have some assistance in the home for things like managing finances, transportation, meal prep, moving around, using the phone, getting mail, etc.

… then AustinUP encourages YOU to join a Focus Group!

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Check out the Announcements in the Newsletter


Austin LGBT Elder Task Force, etc




The “Golden Generation” is a group for 60+ LGBTQ seniors and their partners/allies If you are interested in participating send an email to and look for instructions by email the first of each week.

More information on the “Golden Generation” is available on our website under the Senior Resources>Austin Resources>Senior Services tab. The website will also be updated with the dates and times for in person meetings if and when that information is available.

City of Austin
LGBTQ Quality of Life Study

Click here to download the Quality of Life Survey Findings from our website

Click here to download the full Report, titled Priorities for Action, from our website



Benchmark Research is a member of the Austin LGBT Coalition on Aging

Volunteer for a clinical research study and make a difference


QWELL is a sister organization to the Coalition on Aging; from the first Townhall Meeting that saw the creation of the ALGBTCOA, we were charged with participating in the development of an LGBTQ Community Center. QWELL, headed up by Clayton Gibson, has been a leader in that effort and in the recent community surveys.

Take the 2022 Survey now

Clayton has recently sent an email announcing good news and upcoming changes, including the release of a QWELL app and the possibility that community center plans under consideration may include senior housing.

What the Coalition did last year:

Annual Report 2021

As required by our bylaws, we are providing an annual report of the Coalition’s activities for the 2021 year.

Despite the challenges that the pandemic continued to raise during 2021, the Coalition has been able to move forward in several areas identified as priorities when the group was organized.

Strengthening Our Community:  the coalition worked with the City’s LGBTQ Quality of Life Commission and the consulting firm employed by the City to complete the first LGBTQ Quality of Life Study for Austin.  Our efforts were focused on encouraging senior participation in the Quality of Life Survey.  Given the added communications challenges presented by the pandemic shutdowns we also argued successfully for adding a senior focus group to get additional input and helped to recruit participants that reflected the diversity of Austin’s population.  The Quality of Life Study is completed and available on our website.  We are looking forward to actively engaging Coalition members as the work begins on implementing the Study recommendations.  The Coalition has also continued to support community organizations both old and new.  The Golden Generation lunch group has soldiered on during the pandemic, meeting virtually for their weekly conversations and games.  Their information is included on our website and in our newsletter.  We have also supported a new organization, Embrace, making great strides providing information and programming highlighting the LGBTQ community.

Housing: In 2021 the Coalition joined with Family Eldercare to design a pilot project to recognize LGBT supportive living facilities in Austin.  By developing the criteria essential to the LGBT community, providing information and assistance to residential property owners and/or property managers interested in our community, the pilot program could develop an inventory of LGBT supportive facilities – a guide for those in our community looking for appropriate housing. 

We continue to receive requests for assistance from people moving to Austin, people forced to relocate for economic reasons and people interested in alternatives to living alone as they age.  All of these are reminders that affordable and appropriate housing continues to be a significant challenge in our community.

HIV and Aging:  One of the issues identified in our original community forum was the aging population of HIV+ people both nationally and in the Austin area.  Our original effort to address this trend included development of a presentation outlining the demographics as well as some of the issues raised by this trend resulting from medical advances in the treatment of HIV.  In 2021 we concluded a series of forums featuring representatives of senior care agencies as well as folks from AIDS services organizations.  Originally designed as a series of luncheons the forums pivoted to a virtual environment as a result of the pandemic.  The goal was to familiarize agencies with the changing challenges ahead: for senior service agencies, clients dealing with the effects of long-term HIV; for AIDS services organization the added complications of aging for the clients they had been assisting in dealing with HIV. 

Organization Development:  In 2021 the Coalition was recognized as a nonprofit corporation by the State of Texas as well as a 501c3 nonprofit by the IRS, marking the completion of a series of steps since our original organization.  From the beginning we have been assisted by AustinUP, first in putting together the community conversation that led to the formation of the Coalition and as we developed by acting as our financial sponsor.  Our hats are off to Teresa Ferguson as well as the AustinUP Board for their assistance and support!

Challenges:  As we close the year and look ahead, we must also be aware of areas where we have failed to achieve our objectives.  As we were forewarned by those who have come before us in this effort, those in our community most in need of assistance have also been the most difficult to reach.  We also continue to work for greater involvement in our Steering Committee and in our projects.  We are especially in need of strengthening our diversity so that our approach is informed by the voices of all parts of our community. 

As always, we invite you to get involved.