Seniors’ Services to Know About

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Austin Prime Timers is the local
Austin Gay Men’s social and support group.

Prime Timers meets monthly on the second Sunday. Many other social events are also scheduled throughout the month.

Link to the Austin Prime Timers website


The Coalition in combination with Austin Prime Timers sponsors a monthly discussion group called The Rainbow Forum. Topics are selected by the group. The idea of the discussion group is patterned after a similar one associated with the Ft Lauderdale LGBTQ community center. The Austin group meets in the afternoon on the first Sunday of each month and has a volunteer moderator each month who provides material in advance on the topic chosen. For information on meeting topics and the location each month rsvp to

Austin Family Eldercare has a program for
Gay and Lesbian elders called AGLSS.

Established in 2012, AGLSS was provides aging services and resources for our LGBTQ+ community, ensuring that no one has to age alone. Through the support and foundation of the Bettie Naylor fund, these services are extended to the economically challenged as well.  AGLSS, incorporated throughout our entire mission, is here to help you find the best care solution for your family, including benefits and insurance processing.

Link to AGLSS

In 2014, Family Eldercare developed an LGBT and Aging Resource Guide. A new edition is expected soon in 2019. In the meantime, here’s a link to download the earlier edition. LGBT and Aging Resource Guide – 2014


SAGE is the national organization for LGBTQ seniors, click link:



Senior Services of Austin

Guardianship, Senior Housing Referrals, Geriatric Case Management, Senior Care Referrals, Long Term Planning, Crisis Intervention, Personalized Care

Senior Services of Austin helps families navigate all aspects of senior care. If you are one of the millions of people who provide care for a loved one at home or from another state, you know just how draining it can be. Geriatric Case Managers provide the help and expertise for managing a loved ones care and ensure that the care is not disrupted.


Texas Family Services helps people find Independent, Assisted and Memory care communities. It is a free service which provides information on the community and pricing with families.

If you are trying to find appropriate housing for a loved one, family member or client, Corey Goward with Texas Family Services can help. This is a FREE service. Texas Family Services is able not only to assist seniors and families in finding quality living options but also get them needed resources and support.

Corey Goward


Aging Services Council of Central Texas

Here’s the link to a webpage which includes the Ride Guide and the Aging Services Council Fact Sheet.

This link is on the Aging Services Council website.

Among other projects to support older adults and their caregivers in Central Texas, the Aging Services Council publishes a guide for caregivers to help them navigate through the resources available. Thanks to the generous support of the Hammill Foundation, the new caregiver guides are here.

Follow this link to download your FREE copy

Area Agency on Aging

The Area Agency on Aging of the Capital Area (AAACAP), a division within the Capital Area Council of Governments (CAPCOG), provides quality services to support the health, safety, and well-being of older individuals in the 10-county Capital Area.

AAACAP contracts with other agencies to ensure the availability of services such as transportation, nutrition, homemaker and senior center operations. In addition, it directly provides Referral and Assistance services, through the system of Access and Assistance program, Benefits Counseling, Long-term care and Assisted Living Facilities Ombudsman services, Care Coordination and Information. The area agency also provides services to caregivers under the National Family Caregiver Support Program.

AAA offers access to “Navigators” who can help
with the complexities of finding services.
Ironically, there are so many services for old adults
that it is VERY difficult to find them.

AAA of the Capital Area will assist.

888-622-9111 Ext 6062

Link to the website


State of Texas Health and Human Services



Finding long-term care for yourself or a family member is an important task. While nothing can replace visiting a facility or meeting with a provider in person, the Long-term Care (LTC) Provider Search can help you learn more about these providers and facilities. Click on the link:

Long Term Care Provider Search



Aging Texas Well is a Texas Health and Human Services initiative that helps Texans prepare for all aspects of aging at both the individual and the community level. Among many other services, Aging Texas Well sponsors a free exercise and fitness program for older adults called Texercise.

click on the links to see what the State of Texas offers

PDF of Texas’s Aging Well Plan



Austin Releases More ‘User-Friendly’ Map Listing Affordable Housing

The City of Austin has released a new comprehensive map of housing for low- and middle-income residents.

The digital map, known as the Affordable Housing Listing, shows an array of income-restricted housing units subsidized or incentivized by the city.

Austin Age-Friendly Action Plan:

Executive Summary

The LGBTCOA participates in the various workgroups described in this document
Click the link to download the file:

Age Friendly Austin Action Plan

AustinUp is fiscal sponsor and partner
of the Austin LGBT Coalition on Aging.

Their website contains a rich list of referrals and links to services.
Teresa Sansone Ferguson has been an immense help to the ALGBTCOA.
Click on the logo below to go to the AustinUp site.

AustinUP is a community alliance committed to making Central Texas a place where older adults live full, engaged lives.

We work to prioritize the unmet needs of the Central Texas aging population, tap the assets of older adults to improve our community, and embrace innovation and creativity in the pursuit of an age-friendly culture.

What we believe:

We need to retire the word retired.

As long as our hearts are beating, we must engage in the world around us.

Older adults are an invaluable community resource, waiting to be tapped.

Our vision is to create a region that responds to aging as a dynamic rather than a stagnant force.  We are all aging, all the time. And we want to make Central Texas a place that supports each of us, at every age.

Because our community is changing – and it’s not just how you think.

Link to AustinUp Resources List

Link to AustinUp Year in Pictures 2017

Below is a compiled list of

Resources for seniors and caregivers
in the Central Texas region:

This list was prepared for Travis County Commissioners

Home Safety for Seniors, Eldercorps materials:
The Most Common In-Home Injuries for Seniors and How to Prevent Them

Fire Safety for Elders with Special Health Needs

Preparing Your Home for a Loved One with Alzheimers: A Caregivers Guide

44 Crime prevention tips for seniors

Handicap Accessible Modifications That Wont Turn Off Future Homebuyers

How To Garden Safely When You’re A Senior

Caregiver Information and Resources provided by AGE of Central Texas (updated April 2018): This includes information such as Caregiver Support Groups, Legal Documents, Brain Exercise Activities, Transportation and Healthcare for seniors in Travis County, among many other resources.

Electronic Version of the Caregiver Guide to Central Texas:


The Loss of a Pet

The loss of a companion animal is hard for everybody. It can be especially hard for older people for whom their pet has been their sole companion. Here are links to websites called The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement and the Joy Session Network for information and support in mourning a beloved pet.

Joy Session Network for  grieving the loss of a pet
Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement

Here are some general, mostly Travel-Related, links

for older people (not specifically LGBTQ)

Expand Your Circles: Prevent Isolation and Loneliness As You Age
Destinations for Travelers Over 60
Seniors Traveling Solo
Personal Transportation for Seniors


Find Assisted Living Facilities